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- Executive Coaching -

At Hilary Garratt Associates, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and       achieve their career and leadership goals.                                   

Led by Professor Hilary Garratt CBE, an accredited and esteemed senior executive coach with a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector, we provide personalised coaching services tailored to your unique needs.


"Hilary has earned my trust and respect over decades of working together. She is approachable, pragmatic, and down to earth. Her ability to balance large-scale strategy with genuine empathy for the human element is remarkable. Hilary's warm and caring communication style, rooted in her nursing background, has always resonated with me. As a leader, she excels in cultivating and nurturing strong relationships, just like a skilled gardener. I have personally benefited from her coaching practice, where she applies her extensive skills and experience."


Dr Raj Patel MBE 

Council member GMC

Former Medical Director Primary Care NHSE

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