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- Testimonials -

I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Professor Hilary Garratt as my Coach. When I approached her, I was seeking guidance to overcome personal obstacles that were impeding my career growth and preventing me from reaching my full potential. As a Coachee, I was faced with a complex set of challenges, unsure of where to begin.


However, Professor Garratt's expertise and skilful approach proved invaluable. She adeptly deconstructed the issues into manageable topics, paving the way for profound transformation.

Throughout our coaching sessions, we delved into various facets of my journey, some of which were deeply challenging.


What truly sets Professor Garratt apart is her remarkable ability to navigate these sensitive areas with empathy, creating a safe space for exploration and self-reflection. The sessions were nothing short of transformative, providing me with an extraordinary opportunity to gain a profound understanding of myself and align my values to fuel personal and professional growth.

Professor Garratt's coaching style is both comforting and empowering. She enabled me to confront aspects of myself that I had previously suppressed or considered insurmountable. Thanks to her guidance, I emerged from the coaching sessions as a profoundly changed individual, having achieved growth beyond my imagination. Even now, I continue to implement the tools and techniques I acquired, further nurturing my development.

Terrance Chikurunhe

Senior Commissioning manager

West Midlands

Hilary has made a real positive difference to my life, particularly at work. The sessions enabled me to explore how I communicate and importantly how to get the best from working relationships particularly in relation to transactional analysis.


Hilary’s knowledge and experience gave me confidence to affirm my capabilities and I have gained clarity and understanding of my style of communication and thought process.


Hilary’s calm, accepting and supportive approach enabled me to talk openly and to feel valued and safe.

Andrea Westlake

Director of Nursing

Social Care Quality and Development  

Birmingham and Solihull ICB

"I have experienced remarkable growth both professionally and personally thanks to Hilary's transformational coaching style. Her passion for what she does is evident, and she creates an inclusive environment that encourages you to explore beyond your comfort zone. Throughout our coaching journey, Hilary consistently provided high levels of support and compassion, which helped me navigate challenges with confidence.

Connecting with Hilary was effortless due to her warm and welcoming persona. Her insightful questions and vast experience and knowledge base were invaluable in guiding me towards self-discovery and achieving my goals. Working with Hilary has been a transformative experience, and I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone seeking positive change and personal growth."

Angela Knight Jackson MBE

National Deputy Director for Professional and System Leadership

"Hilary's coaching transformed my life. From feeling broken and racially traumatised, I emerged stronger, more confident, and ready to tackle any challenge. With her support, I overcame imposter syndrome and landed a fulfilling role as Executive Chief Nurse at Morecombe Bay. Thank you, Hilary, for your true inspirational leadership!"


Tabetha Darmon 

Executive Chief Nurse 

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